Hoover Dam

A history by Thomas Butler

The Hoover Dam

By Thomas Butler


Fact 1: History 💧

The Hoover Dam all started when engineer Arthur P. Davis recommended a giant concrete structure to stop the flooding of the Colorado river, and in 1928 congress approved his idea and started hiring workers. During the late 1920’s and the early 1930’s there was a time called the great depression when stock went down many people didn’t have jobs. So hiring was easier so congress paid six companies and hired workers to build the Hoover Dam and the project took more than 3,500 workers each day with a total of over 24,000 workers and building wasn’t easy there were many Jobs such as Shifters, Chuck tenders, High Scalers, Muck machine helpers, Dumpmen, Jackhammer men, Motormen, Electricians, Pipefitters, Pipemen, Blacksmith helpers, Mechanics, Sawfillers, Welders, Riggers,Truck drivers, C.A.T. operators and Blacksmiths people worked really hard to make the Hoover Dam .

Fun Fact 1: the Hoover dam was not always called Hoover dam it was called boulder dam 10 years later it was called the Hoover dam because of the President. Herbert Hoover tributes with the dam. Fact 2 there are over 50 types of plants and animals at the Hoover dam mostly mammals and fish but there are still many types of plants. a few are: barrel cactus, cholla cactus, prickly pear cactus, and beavertail cactus’s Fun fact 3: the biggest dam is actually the three gorges dam in china


1920: Geologist Homer Hamlin explores the Black canyon and the Boulder canyon.                                                                                                                     1923: the planners of the dam decide to build it in the black canyon

1928: U.S. congress agrees to pay for the dam

March 1931: The companies sign the contract for the Hoover dam and that contract said we will give you 6 years to finish the Hoover dam and they finished early and if they were late they would have to pay congress a total of 48.9 million dollars

September 1931: workers begin to dig tunnels in between the canyon walls

November 1932: the tunnels are completed the Colorado river is converted into them

June 6 1993: first concrete block is poured in the dam structure

May 29 1935:  the last concrete block is poured in the dam structure

September 30 1935: President Franklin Roosevelt dedicates the dam

April 30 1937: the dam is officially named the Hoover dam